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I always thought my eating was relatively healthy but after East West Healing reviewed my food logs and suggested some changes, within a couple of weeks I was feeling so much better and noticing changes such as more energy.  With their guidance over the last year, I have continued to notice improvements.  I like their approach to heal the system with foods, not the symptom with drugs.

P.S. (Nelson, BC)

The FFWF Program has been invaluable to me in a way I never expected.  By going slow and making some simple modifications, namely adding more carbohydrate to my meals in the form of fruit and root vegetables and changing the time of day of my workouts, I no longer experience debilitating afternoon fatigue that I have been struggling with for the last 5 years.  In addition, I no longer feel the need to take or spend money on a bunch of unnecessary supplements.  Thank you both!  I can’t wait to learn more.

Ginnie H.

These last five weeks with FFWF have been not only transformational in terms of my eating and how I feel, but also empowering to looking at my health and not my dysfunctions.

Sara W.

I really enjoyed FFWF! Well planned program and good weekly audios. Enough information to benefit everyone including fellow health practitioners (some great coaching techniques) & probably most importantly, information to help you help yourself! You won’t be disappointed!

Mark J. (CHEK HLC2, Exercise Coach)

FFWF was an awesome program! I was worried it might be a little over my head, but I was wrong.  It was definitely “user friendly” in regards to how it was presented.  You do have to do the work if you want to see things change for yourself, but it will work.  Just think, using food to heal. How great is that!  I am so happy I took this journey.

Mark S.

I cannot thank you both enough for offering the FFWF Program.  I have followed you as well as Ray Peat online for some time but have had a hard time putting all of the information together.  This class was exactly what I’ve needed to connect the dots and put these concepts into practice for myself.  I have felt so empowered by the tools you’ve provided us to be able to listen to the daily needs of our bodies.  Following a Paleo style diet was not working well for me and you have enabled me to find the right food and nutrient ratios that my body needs to feel healthy and to fight my bouts with afternoon fatigue.  I am in awe of your wisdom and truly grateful for your desire to share it with others. Thanks Josh and Jeanne!

Kelly R

Josh and Jeanne’s classes have played an essential role in assisting me in creating a menu that not only meets my specific needs, but having a clearer understanding of the complex challenges that many of my own clients face. I firmly believe there are no one size fits all approaches in nutritional programs, and this course solidifies why. The FFWF class was the perfect learn by doing experience.

Adam F