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Real food for real people for real success!

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Food alone may not be the only healing tool for some, however it is ESSENTIAL to ALL!

The primary goal of any nutrition program should always be to optimize fueling the body with food.

The Fight Fatigue With Food Program is designed to teach you how to use food to fuel your body!

It is universally known that the human body requires food.

It is universally known the sole purpose of food is to provide the body with optimal fuel (energy).

It is universally known underlying ALL human processes is energy production...your metabolism.

The Fight Fatigue with Food Program is based 100% on universal science!

This class was exactly what I’ve needed to connect the dots and put these concepts into practice for myself.  I have felt so empowered by the tools you’ve provided me to be able to listen to my body and to understand what it needs to thrive daily! Following the Paleo diet was not working well for me and you have enabled me to find the right food and nutrient ratios for my body to feel healthy and to fight my bouts of afternoon fatigue. I am in awe of your wisdom and truly grateful for your desire to share it with others. Thanks Josh and Jeanne

Kelly R.

I struggled for years with insomnia and chronic fatigue. I could barely drag my body through my day, let alone have the energy to workout. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t focus. I was at a really low point. Working with East West Healing was like “flipping a switch” and within days it was like the life force started flowing through my body again.

Private Client & Health Coach

The food you eat has an enormous effect on your body’s ability to make energy at the cell level (metabolism).

As Dr. Diane Schwarzbein says, “Your hormones control your metabolism, and YOU control your hormones.”

How empowering is it to know your health really is in your control?

What interferes or breaks down proper energy production or metabolism?


Fight Fatigue with Food is designed to take you step-by-step to teach you how to:

Getting healthy DOES NOT mean you have to stop living!

The FFWF Program has been invaluable to me in a way I never expected.  By going slow and making some simple modifications, namely adding more carbohydrate to my meals in the form of fruit and root vegetables and changing the time of day of my workouts, I no longer experience debilitating afternoon fatigue that I have been struggling with for the last 5 years.  In addition, I no longer feel the need to take or spend money on a bunch of unnecessary supplements.  Thank you both!  I can’t wait to learn more.

Ginnie H.

These last five weeks with FFWF have been not only transformational in terms of my eating and how I feel, but also empowering to looking at my health and not my dysfunctions.

Sara W

Over the next several weeks you will exploring and uncovering all the secrets to finding YOUR perfect diet!

Here is a sneak peek into what you are going to learn:

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If you are tired of the latest and greatest health trend or the latest "fix it" diet,

You are ready to get back to living,

You want to eat with confidence and avoid wasting your life searching the internet,

The Fight Fatigue with Food Program is for you!

What is the objective of The Fight Fatigue With Food Program?

“To give me more energy…and hopefully lose a few pounds, right?”

“Well, yes on the first account, yes and no on the second.”

This program is designed to attack your goals from the inside – out! The stronger your body is on the inside, the stronger your body will be on the outside.

The body cannot heal when it is working to survive.

Fight Fatigue with Food takes you through a gentle process and teaches you how to use food as supplementation to restore what has been lost and quiet what has become chaotic.


The success of any "diet" depends on ALL of these things and we've got YOUR back!

Not only will we show you what to eat, but we'll show you how to eat for optimal energy!

You will be given all the necessary tools to successfully achieve healthy weight loss and live the life you deserve!

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Fight Fatigue with Food is changing lives!

I really enjoyed FFWF! Well planned program and good weekly audios. Enough information to benefit everyone including fellow health practitioners ( some great coaching techniques) & probably most importantly information to help you help yourself! You won't be disappointed!

Mark J. (CHEK HLC3, Exercise Coach)

Josh and Jeanne’s classes have played an essential role in assisting me in creating a menu that not only meets my specific needs, but having a clearer understanding of the complex challenges that many of my own clients face. I firmly believe there are no one size fits all approaches in nutritional programs, and this course solidifies why. The FFWF class was the perfect learn by doing experience.

Adam F

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    How it works...

    Once you sign up you will receive full access to all the prerecorded lessons and PDF's!

    The lessons are easy to follow and provide applicable information pertaining to the foods you eat and how to use these foods to optimize your metabolic health! You can begin making changes immediately!

    At the end of every lesson you will be given an action plan. Each week’s action plan builds on the prior week so by the end you will have built a rock-solid nutritional foundation in support of your health and designed to rebuild and restore your energy producing mechanisms.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    • I've taken your Metabolic Blueprint Program, how is this different? The MB Program is an educational program with focus on the function and physiology of the human body. The Fight Fatigue With Food Program focuses on providing fundamental nutritional information and offers a step-by-step application on how to use food to fuel your body, reduce stress and help you develop nutritional and lifestyle habits for long lasting health and energy!
    • I'm pregnant, can I still participate? Yes. In fact, the class will provide a great foundation for you and your baby.
    • Will there be any other materials or supplements required to participate? Nope. Just food. No special exotic tonics or ingredients required.
    • Who is this program for? Anyone and everyone can learn from and apply this program. People from all over the world are regaining their energy! No matter what your current health challenges, your human and you require food. Thus this program is for you!
    • Will this help me lose weight? To quote Dr. Dianne Schwarzbein, “you have to get healthy to lose weight not lose weight to get healthy.” This program is designed to get you healthy so you can achieve healthy weight loss.
    • How am I going to find time for this? Typically what we value, we find time for. If your health is important to you, you will find time. Not to worry…this program is designed to be a part of your day. As well, this program is designed to allow you to work at a healthy pace appropriate to you and your needs.

    For years I struggled with low energy levels, which often lead me to not want to participate in my life. Now, I have stable energy and a desire to get out of the house and do activities that I enjoy. Over time I found the foods to be helping me in all aspects of my life. Overall, my outlook on life is a lot better and I think things will only continue to get better as long as continue to listen to my body and give it what it needs.Working with East West Healing has been an eye-opening experience; I’ve learned a lot about how diet and lifestyle affect not only my physical but also my mental health.

    Israel De Leon

    FFWF was an awesome program! I was worried it might be a little over my head, but I was wrong.  It was definitely “user friendly” in regards to how it was presented.  You do have to do the work if you want to see things change for yourself, but it will work.  Just think, using food to heal. How great is that!  I am so happy I took this journey.

    Mark S.

    Josh and Jeanne of EastWest Healing and Performance have dedicated their practice to helping people to help themselves. Our goal and dedication is in educating, guiding and supporting each and every client through the physical and nutritional changes necessary in obtaining optimal wellness!